Web Hosting JobsIf you are thinking about starting your own web hosting business, it might be best to find a web hosting job with an already established company first to see how things are run from the inside.

If you have the skills to scale a web hosting operation on your own (or have the funds) you may not need to go this route, but for the rest of us, finding a web hosting job may give you an inside look at what’s needed to eventually start your own web hosting company some day.

Before you go this route, here are some things to consider:

  • Corporate Theft – Don’t plan on getting a web hosting job and sneaking around to get the super secret documents that will show you how to make fast, crazy cash. The secret to wealth is hard work (with a few other things thrown in, of course.)
  • Gather Information – That said, keep your eyes open for how things are done. What software will you need? How can you do more with less people if you were in charge of your own web hosting company? You may also find that running a web hosting company is a lot more than you thought it would be.
  • Don’t be Discouraged – If you do think it’s overwhelming, remember that you don’t need to start as a large company. Few companies start that way. Most start small and grow over time. By knowing the basics of running a web hosting company, you can see where you need to be in X number of years.

If you’re thinking of someday starting a small web hosting company (or even a large one), getting a web hosting job at one of the bigger companies first may be a wise idea, especially if you have little web experience. On the other hand, if you have been recompiling Linux kernels since you were 8 years old, just get out there and work and your web hosting empire will grow over time.