There are a lot of tech terms that you might want to know if you’re interested in web hosting. Here are just a few:

ActiveX: This is used for developing automation, and for objects to be designed and created.

Autoresponder: This kind of program is set up to ensure that people who send to an email address will get a response. This can be a received message, a bounce message, or something much more complex.

Bandwidth: This is the frequency range that is available for a spectrum, including one that lets your website by accessed.

Dead link:This is a link that is no longer any good, and has been permanently been removed.

Homepage:This is the main page of a website that you go to when you type in that site’s URL.

These are only a few of the terms. There are many more. If you spend a lot time on the Internet or if you are starting to get involved with any kind of online business, learning the terms will help you do much better than you otherwise would.