computers 123a (Small)When it comes to web hosting, there are really two types of people. Those who live and breathe web hosting and the rest of the world. For us, web hosting is a means to an end. We want to get a website or multiple websites up and running and a web host allows us to do that – some better than others. For the web hosting “expert” it’s really a numbers game – this number for that stat, etc.

Web hosting goes beyond just the numbers, especially in the 21st century. These days, web hosts need a brand, or a style to really come across as something special. The good news is that there are many web hosts out there who go the extra mile and really dedicate themselves to customer service. For other web hosting companies, it’s all about being “green” or environmentally friendly.

That’s the thing about web hosting these days. There are the giants like GoDaddy and others, but there are many other web hosting outfits that are as good if not better. They may not have the same numbers, but when it comes to the things that really count with web hosting, sometimes the smaller web hosts are where it’s at.

That’s not to say the bigger web hosts won’t have everything you need, but they can sometimes make you feel like a customer number. And if you’re just starting out online or aren’t very technical, having a friendly person help with your questions can really make the difference in your web hosting experience. With that in mind, when you’re looking for the “best” web host, think about the small things as well as the numbers. If you do, you just might find the perfect web host for you isn’t necessarily the same web host that’s perfect for other people. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just web hosting for the rest of us.