It is a fact that not all web hosting provider for business offers options for shopping carts. Companies, who offer shopping carts commonly provides it as free, integrated, through a software, rent or purchase, or within a minimum capability so that you can use a shopping cart of your preference. The list below are the top web hosting provider that offers this option and you should consider when creating a business website.

Yahoo Web Hosting

A public corporation located at Sunnyvale California, this company provides a global internet services to their users. They are also the top provider of shopping carts worldwide.


This company offers complete hosting solution to businesses at a very affordable price. They are specializing into customer satisfaction. It even prides itself for offering a non-outsourced customer services that is available all day and all year long.


This web hosting company started with only two home offices last 2002. Yet, it was able to grow massively in the preceding years with more than 120, 000 customers now. It now has a facility in Chicago.

Host Clear

This company strives in providing an excellent shared business hosting services. They designed their hosting packages to be easy for both beginners and professional web designers.


Security is their prime assurance to their customers. They are also assuring their clients that they can give them the best customer support since they do have well trained and highly knowledgeable staff for this purpose.


This is the newest innovation coming from Interspire, the globale company that was launched last 2003 with co-founders Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper. Now, it has more than 40, 000 clients.


This provider promises that people who has no experience in web designing can launch one using three steps: 1. Start your free trial, 2. Select a design that you like, and 3. Add the content of your website.

Ewisoft Co

A powerful and one of the easiest site builder to use for professionals and beginners. All you need to is edit the content the way you like and you’ll have a site in no time at all.


Considered to be a breakthrough for site builder technology. It has everything that a designer may require when building a website. It has the best eCommerce features that will guarantee you of excellent results, especially in sales of course.


Since 1995, this company is already supporting millions of websites all over the globe. They have established the company when the web hosting industry is at its infancy and now it has gradually grew to become one of the best in the world.

To get maximum results for your online store, it is important that features like shopping cart options are already integrated in the hosting packages. You can start by choosing any of the hosting provider listed above.