There are a lot of ways that you can use to promote your site. Maybe you know a lot of people and/or are friends with others on the Internet who can help to get your name and information out there.

That’s great, but you’ll need more than that, and one thing you’ll need is SEO, or search engine optimization. It’ll help your page rank and get more people to your site. Reciprocal linking with others and writing articles that can help you get your website promoted both on the Internet and in print are great ways to get people’s attention.

Social networking and blogging are also fantastic ideas when it comes to how to promote your website. There are a lot of sites where you can network, and blogging keeps people coming back because there’s new and interesting content out there each day for people to read. If you talk about relevant and interesting things, people will read it and they will likely enjoy it. Then they’ll continue to come back to see what you’ve done next, helping to promote your site even more.