A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is one that is simulated within a single private server. It can be simulated with multiple servers and all are capable of running their own operating system and software. They are also allocated other critical features such as disk storage and bandwidth.
Essentially, a VPS has all the major features of the physical server it was simulated from.

VPS offers numerous benefits to small and medium businesses alike. One of the biggest advantages is the reduction of expenses that come along with purchasing and maintaining multiple physical servers. It also gives you the ability to host multiple domains, meaning you can run several websites and mange them all from a single interface. Unlike the shared hosting environment, you will not have to compete for resources with other sites, enabling your operation to sustain quality performance.

Virtual Private Servers have become extremely popular as resellers are looking for ways to attract clients. The end-user benefits with access to web hosting and server administration while the reseller is able to profit with minimal expenses.