Getting a website of your own is easy, building it is the fun part, but generating traffic is a challenge. There are many approaches one can take, some of which are quite expensive. To save you a few dollars, we will cover a few cost efficient ways to bring surfers to your site.

Digg Your Way to Traffic

Digg is one of the most popular social bookmarking platforms on the web. This site allows you to post snippets of your website and is a great way to improve search engine rankings and possibly your traffic.

Use Your Mailing List

Often overlooked, the mailing list can be very effective at increasing your website traffic. This feature is typically offered by web hosting providers and allows you to prepare a series of automated mailings. You can also broadcast messages to entice your audience with the latest news regarding your products or services.

Start Networking

Some of the most prominent sites have achieved success by networking. Reach out to the businesses in your niche industry and see if there are ways you can help each other. By trading links with relative sites, you can boost traffic and possibly generate more revenue.