For many web hosts, “unlimited” is the simple term that lands them the client. Unlimited domains, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth – they’ve got it all. It sounds great but unfortunately, these companies are not being honest.

Here are the cold hard facts – even the dedicated server has its limit. There is no such thing as an infinite hard drive to support unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth is noting but a farfetched dream. This alone makes the probability of unlimited domains very unlikely.

The unlimited epidemic can be accredited to the fierce nature of today’s web hosting industry. Companies are doing everything to beat out the competition while trying to make their services as attractive as possible. Many of them rely on the hope that clients will only use a portion of their resources, enabling them to “oversell” on service and turn major profits. This very trick has led to the downfall of several would-be web hosts.

The purpose here is not to deter you from web hosting; only to inform. If you’re looking into the shared server environment, be weary of the “unlimited” promotion as there are sure to be hundreds to thousands of sites competing for those same resources.