Ian: What goals did Cool Handle set out to accomplish upon entering the hosting marketplace?

Jack: We started as a group of IT professionals in early 2001 to introduce a new standard in the fast changing environment of web hosting. Our mission is to achieve your 100% satisfaction, which is guaranteed by our professional service and friendly support. With many years of web hosting experience on various hosting platforms and operating systems, particularly Apache, Linux, Microsoft IIS, and Microsoft Windows Server, we bring a wealth of knowledge and the capability to handle any hosting needs. This experience also comes with the support and knowledge, customers have come to rely on, which ensures that their problems are being resolved timely and effectively and are able to obtain friendly and respectful customer support.

Ian: How has your company evolved since its inception?

Jack: We started by offering basic Linux shared web hosting. We now offer Linux shared and reseller hosting, windows shared and reseller hosting, VPS< and dedicated servers as well. Additionally, we are now Truste Certified and follow strict Green-e green hosting certification.

Ian: How has Cool Handle been able to remain afloat in the highly competitive hosting business?

Jack: We offer great support and service at a value price. Our customers have come to understand that we may not be the biggest company, but we offer them excellent service and are always there when they need us.

Ian: What makes Cool Handle different from all the other options on the hosting market?

Jack: There are many choices for web hosting these days and we know its more important then ever to offer the highest level of support. We strive to offer excellent and friendly support at a value level price.

Ian: How can customers with more demanding needs benefit from your dedicated server solutions?

Jack: Our dedicated servers offer a good platform to development many websites. With our new data center and top-tier bandwidth providers, they will get the performance and uptime they need.

Ian: What do your reseller hosting packages have to offer clients looking to profit from the hosting industry?

Jack: Recently we have updated our reseller packages. Our Linux reseller packages now offer updated features, WHMCS billing system, and free ENOM reseller account. With these features, people can create their own web hosting company fast!

Ian: What steps is Cool Handle taking to deliver an eco-friendly service?

Jack: Our shared and reseller servers use up a lot of energy. We have taken measures to minimize our environmental impact at our offices and data centers by reconfiguring our entire infrastructure to improve power savings. In addition, we have made efforts to offset our carbon footprint by purchasing Green-E Certified Renewable Energy Credits (“REC’s�). We now purchase 125% of our energy usage in renewable energy RECs from all over the United States. We have also started to work with our renewable energy partner; 3 Degrees, Inc., to find innovative ways to become more environmentally friendly.

Ian: What is Cool Handle doing to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction?

Jack: We offer 24—7 friendly customer support. All of our staff is trained to help in any area of the service. By doing this, we increase our support staff and can offer the level of service people are looking for these days.

Ian: What is Cool Handle’s outlook on the future of web hosting?

Jack: Web hosting will be around for a long time. We feel that that web hosting will become even more important for people to work online. Although, as technology evolves, so will web hosting. Web hosting within a few years may not be as it is now, but we are working hard to be able to offer our customers the newest service they are looking for.

Ian: What does the future hold for Cool Handle?

Jack: We have many things happening at Cool Handle. We are working on partnerships with large companies in the industry to deliver the support, service, and features that people need these days. Stay tuned!