If you’re starting up a web presence, you’ll need hosting. And you’ll need to know how much hosting space you actually need. Most people are using around 2 to 4Mb for their websites, even if they are 20 pages or more. That means that you don’t need to purchase a huge hosting package because you’ll just be buying space that you don’t really need.

Finding out your total file size and then seeing how much space you’re paying for might show you that you have a lot more space than you need. Switching plans could save you money.

The thing with most hosting packages is that they try to sell you a lot more space than you actually need. It’s their job, because they want to make a lot of money. They might be able to profit from it, but you’ll find that they’re getting rich off of your money, and that’s annoying.

If you don’t use anything close to the space that you bought, change plans. If you haven’t purchased a plan yet, figure out your file sizes and how much space you need before you spend that money.