For those who don’t know, PHP is a scripting language that’s used to make websites. It’s gotten even better, though, and it can now be used in graphics applications that stand alone.

It’s widely used and can be embedded into standard HTML. It can also run on a standard web server, taking in PHP code and outputting web pages. Over 20 million websites have PHP on them to some degree right now. In May of 2008, version 5.2.6 was released, and it is the newest upgrade.

Originally, PHP was short for personal home page. The newest version fixed some bugs in the old one and addressed a few security problems that users could potentially have trouble with.

In mid October of 2008, there will be a newer upgrade coming out which will offer Namespace support, improved support for XML, and other options. That will take a scripting language that already works well and make it even better.