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For some people, green web hosting doesn’t even cross their mind. For others, especially those that use a lot of web servers, the effect on the environment may have crossed your mind. If so, you’ll be glad to know that there are many web hosts that are “going green” and guaranteeing that their server farms are set-up to be as friendly to the environment as possible.

By choosing a green-friendly web host, you can make sure you’re doing your part to help the planet and also make sure your websites aren’t having a negative impact on the planet. The Internet is virtual, but behind every website is one or more computers that make things happen. And these take electricity to run and even more electricity to cool down.

When you stop and think about it, your website or websites (especially if you have quite a few) could be having a relatively large impact on the environment, which isn’t a good thing for many reasons. Most of the time, going with a green friendly web host doesn’t even cost that much more money. While how green the web hosting company is might not be the biggest thing you base your web hosting decision on, it should play a small part if you care about the planet.

There are many web hosting companies out there that take the environment seriously because they deal with so many computers and servers. As the years pass, I’m betting we’re going to see more and more of a big deal made out of green web hosting and the effect hosting of websites has on the environment as a whole.

Do you agree or disagree? This is a hot topic, so we’d love to hear your comments on what you think about green web hosting. Let us know!