Most people don’t think about the IT sector when they think about carbon emissions and going green, but they forget that huge amounts of electricity are needed to run all the technology that this world enjoys. With that being the case, some hosting sites are going green and using renewable energy to power their servers.

Some have gone even a step farther and are using those same renewable energy sources to both power and cool their servers. This is an important step because this leaves little to no carbon footprint and helps the environment, without hurting the performance of the host at all.

Many of these companies use RECs, or renewable energy credits, that they purchase. The renewable energy might not be available in their area and might not officially power their servers, but they are oftentimes giving back more than they are using. Any time they give back to the environment more than they take away, they are considered to be going green. In the big picture of things they don’t leave a carbon footprint, which makes the planet really happy.