Web hosting is a vital and indispensable service that makes a website accessible to its users via the WWW (World Wide Web). Without the web hosting service, an individual or organization cannot broadcast the content, video or images of the website(s) online, and also users cannot access the information from the web page. So, without subscribing hosting services you cannot think of making your website accessible online. In other words, the web host companies offer space and right to access their web server or host server to a website owner under certain limitations in addition to providing internet connectivity.

Few facts about Web Hosting

Web hosting services are usually classified as web page and file hosting based on the features. The latter allows a user to upload file via File Transfer Protocol, also popularly known as FTP, which can also be transported to the web directly in a hassle free manner. Companies offer web host service for both personal and commercial purposes. Personal web site hosting is usually offered without any cost or available at nominal charges when compared to business web site.

If you are thinking of launching a simple personal web page then you can opt for the single page hosting. On the contrary, for a complex web page you should seek for a comprehensive hosting package that efficiently propels a platform to develop application easily and support huge amount of database.

Hosting providers offer a control panel or interface to their clients so that they can manage the web server, install scripts or access their e-mails.

While subscribing web hosting service, you should always apprehend the reliability and uptime of the host server. Hosting uptime signifies the amount of duration the web server or host server is accessible via the internet. There are umpteen such host providers who claim to offer 99.9% uptime which only turns out to be tall claims.

However, if you are planning to subscribe a web hosting plan for your business or individual purpose, then you can check out a few of the types that best meet your demands.

a) Shared Hosting: A basic and significant service in which a web host service provider put numerous web pages on a single potent machine.

b) Dedicated Hosting: It allocates a Web page or web site only to its allocated server.

c) Virtual Dedicated Hosting: It acts as a bridge between “dedicated” and “shared” hosting.

d) Colocated Hosting: This hosting provides flexibility allowing an individual to purchase and install own server on the web host’s server.