The web hosting industry is more competitive than ever. There are literally hundreds of companies ready and willingly to set you up with an account and serve you pages to the web. While plans are affordable for the most part, price isn’t the only thing you need to worry about.

Bandwidth and Storage

Web hosting plans can easily be found for under $10 per month. However, this low price is meaningless without adequate disk space to store your content and bandwidth to support your traffic. These are two of the most essential elements of any hosting plan.


The lower you go on price, the more you stand the risk of being shorted on features. Unless your site is dedicated to personal use, you will likely require a number of standard features including access to an SQL database, email accounts, web building tools and an intuitive control panel to administer your account.

Uptime and Support

Uptime describes an estimate of how long your site remains up and running. This is very critical as excessive downtime could result in a loss of business. You should also look for a host that offers quality support whether it’s via phone, email or chat.