If you plan to do anything with your own website, you need a domain name – a web address that people can use to get to your site and something that gets their attention. Getting one can be really easy, because there are so many companies out there today that offer these services. Some of them cost only a few dollars per year, and they generally work well for individuals and small businesses. Only really large companies need to have more complex hosting for their domains, but they often get the name and register it in the same way that smaller companies do.

When you go to register a domain name you don’t actually buy it. Instead, you lease it and you usually pay each year or every couple of years to keep the name active. That’s not the same as hosting it, which enables you to put content on the site and actually use it. Registering a domain name is easy, and so is leasing one. Some people even go to auction sites specifically for domain names and they bid on them just for fun or to make a little bit of money.