Cpanel is usually the only way you can configure web hosting, unless you have shell access, which most people don’t. You can add ftp users, create directories, make databases, access administrative functions, and make email accounts with Cpanel, and you can do most of your other, day-to-day functions that involve maintenance. Anything beyond that has to be done differently, but Cpanel is quite advanced and can handle a lot. It also usually comes with Fantastico, which lets you autoinstall php-based scripts.

Being able to avoid manually uploading things is a huge timesaver, and it’s a great way to get things done and then move on to the next thing. When you use Cpanel, you can handle your business quite a bit faster and do most things with ease and convenience. There are other programs out there that can be used, but most of them are either harder to work or they don’t do as much. Stick with Cpanel if you can.