WebHostingBreak’s goal is to provide quality resources to help bloggers and entrepreneurs become better at what they do.

Quality requires time and dedication. If you’re interested in participating in the community and helping us provide helpful content for readers, please continue reading.

Who Can Become An Author?

You are welcome to join our author/reviewer community. There are several requirements – mainly that you’re en expert in what you’re writing about. For example – if you run a landing page design agency, you may want to publish a guide on the key elements of a successful landing page. If you’re a web designer, you might post a collection of useful tips for usability. If you own a cloud hosting company, you may want to write about the potential technical problems in clouds and how to avoid them.

Apply To Become An Author

We welcome your help in authoring great new material for WebHostingBreak readers. Here’s how:

  • Contact us with a description of your interests and area of expertise/passion.
  • Include up to 3 links to published articles/works you have authored.
  • Include 3 suggestions of topics you would like to write about on WebHostingBreak.

Please note that we’re not just looking for bloggers/content writing services. It’s very important that you are genuinely, passionately interested in what you’re writing about.

You don’t need to be wordy in an attempt to satisfy a word count. We don’t have rules like that. What we do require is that you have something real to share with visitors – something to say. A unique voice your readers can build a relationship with.

Our readers love exciting, engaging articles in which you share your ideas, methods, tactics, techniques and resources.

All of our authors are paid well. You also get an author box with links to your own projects/blog/website/business.

Do Our Topics Fit Your Interests?

We are mainly interested in helping new webmasters learn basic and intermediate skills they need to be more effective bloggers and entrepreneurs.

  • Web Hosting (types, technological advances, comparisons, etc)
  • Web Design (tutorials, showcases, detailed reviews of techniques, current trends and predictions)
  • System Administration (Linux/Unix, SSH, Domains and DNS, managing backups, control panel tutorials, and more)
  • WordPress and other popular CMS platforms
  • Internet Marketing Tools (detailed reviews of services and tools; SEO tools, email services, traffic tools, social media tools, etc)
  • Mobile (ad networks, making a mobile version of your website, app development, etc)
  • Web Development (CSS, JQuery, PHP, MySQL. Tutorials, roundups, detailed product reviews)
  • Copywriting (content strategy, formatting tips, copywriting learning resources, copywriting book reviews, etc)
  • Time-Savers (productivity tools – anything that helps you get things done faster and more effectively)
  • Opinion/Soap Box (your personal message to the community)
  • Freebies (icons, services, vectors, themes that we can offer for free)

Sounds Fun? Let’s Get Started!

Want to become an author? Please contact our editorial team with your application.

I look forward to talking with you.


How To Become A Break™ Author/Reviewer0Jennifer Sandra2012-01-09 04:59:17WebHostingBreak’s goal is to provide quality resources to help bloggers and entrepreneurs become better at what they do.

Quality requires time and …