Here’s an authoritative list of the best web design companies in each of the top 50 US cities, sorted by population. Every company below…

  • Has done hundreds of projects
  • Has a culture and cares about people
  • Cares about you and the results of your site.

Use this list to find a great web design company in your city.

New York, NY

Blue Fountain Media – Winner – Best Web Design of New York.

Blue Fountain is big, not doubt. But their client list isn’t mostly big corporations who don’t know the difference between a crappy brochure page and a usable, engaging, high converting, highly valuable website.

Blue Fountain is cool because they are a team of real experts with a culture, helping people like you and me build our businesses from the ground up. In other words, Blue Fountain could help you increase your bottom line and make it a fun project.

Note: Because they are actively involved in the web design community and constantly discovering new ways to improve things for their clients, Blue Fountain execs are available for speaking engagement too.

Los Angeles, CA

Ciplex – Winner – Best Web Design of Los Angeles

It makes sense to me that Ciplex, being based in Los Angeles, specializes in the entertainment/nightlife/ecommerce verticals for large brands.

Ciplex is not the company I’d choose for my own projects, personally. Reason being that I don’t see their websites following the marketing rules I’ve come to rely on. I rarely see clear calls to action, etc, because their clients aren’t trying to sell lead generation for insurance, for example.

Ciplex is not my recommend source for online marketers, but if you have real brand, your own product, store, etc and want that Los Angeles vibe, Ciplex is the team for you!

Chicago, IL

Orbit Media – Winner – Best Web Design of Chicago

After checking out Orbit, I could go on and on about why I like them. Their website, their clients’ websites etc, all speak volumes to me. I’d feel comfortable having Orbit take control of my projects of any type. Brochure site, iPhone app site, community, social media site, forums, blogs, lead generation, ecommerce, anything.

Why? Orbit clearly understands usability and marketing, especially the fact that we’re all people and businesses need to be transparent… especially today with the integration of social media into our lives.

Houston, TX

Schipul – Winner – Best Web Design of Houston

Their design aesthetic sucks to me, but that shouldn’t sway you. Some of my most successful lead generation campaigns used banners and landing pages that looked dated. There are many theories on the topic, but I’ll suggest it could be that flashy, super trendy design COULD look salesy, whereas something more dated looks more trustworthy to particular audiences.

I like Schipul because they’re heavily into Drupal CMS and they’re pretty good at SEO compared to other web design firms in Houston. If I were you I’d work with separate companies for SEO and Web Design. Just good practice. You don’t hire your programming guy and have him do accounting, right? Well, it’s kinda like that with big agencies.

With Schipul, you’ll get a fast, flexible website designed to increase your online sales. That’s what matters.

Phoenix, AZ

Forty – Winner – Best Web Design for Phoenix

A nice surprise here – Take a look at their homepage… It’s a target, effective, concise and clear landing page. I don’t feel like anyone’s trying to force me to watch flashy demo reels, etc… Just telling me what I want to hear – listing their skillset of specifics so I know they can do what I want someone else to do for me.

Forty is good for anyone from newbies to advanced marketers who need an experienced partner who understands the business side of web design, such as landing pages and lead generation campaign development.

Philadelphia, PA

o3World – Winner – Best Web Design in Philadelphia

They lack a single call to action on the homepage, which I don’t like to see…

But taking a look at their client work reveals marketing and conversion knowledge being applied to boost results for clients.

San Antonio, TX

Parscale Media – Winner – Best Web Design in San Antonio

I like their design aethetic. Plus taking a look at their client portfolio, I can see their designers care about usability.

I’ve done a lot of research on usability for my own marketing education, and placement of elements like headlines, videos and buttons can make a tremendous difference in sales and leads.

San Diego, CA

digital-telepathy – Winner – Best Web Design in San Diego

I can’t say enough praise for this company. The more of their portfolio that I see, the more excited I get… Some clients include Tim Ferris’s new book, The 4 Hour Workweek; Crazy Egg, Myspace, SlideDeck, Penn State just to name a few.

Pure awesome. Probably REALLY expensive too but as the saying goes you get what you pay for.

Dallas, TX

AXZM – Winner – Best Dallas Web Design

Wow… I had a tough time finding a good web design company in Dallas that ranks anywhere near the top 10 of google. They’re just too new, maybe. Anyway, I’m going to be real with you and say that the top 10 generally spend most of their money on SEO so they can rank in google, rather than hiring good web designers and developers.

I recommend AXZM because they’re clearly educated about usability, marketing and SEO. They ranked highly with way fewer links than other sites, plus their site is navigable and portfolio looks good. A safe bet for web design in Dallas, I say.

San Jose, CA

Rasteroids – Winner – Best San Jose Web Design

These guys are creative and colorful, yet retain an edge in user interface design not seen often.

Their designs are interesting and beautiful without sacrificing usability and a clear funnel for user action. Just what the conversion doctor ordered 😛

Detroit, MI

NetProfit Marketing – Winner – Best Detroit Web Design

Almost everything I looked at for Detroit web design firms was terrible. Outdated… I mean like 1998 web design/marketing that doesn’t work anymore.

NetProfit Marketing is different so they deserve their spot here.. even if it’s just for the video on their page 😉

San Francisco, CA

Organic – Winner – Best Web Design in San Francisco

I’m not initially sold on the flash and dark blue etc… But when I check out Organic’s portfolio, there’s no arguing they have TONS of huge clients.

They look super expensive but their work is great.

Jacksonville, FL

StationFour – Winner – Best Web Design in Jacksonville

This agency seems to excel in creating very large websites with a lot of content. They retain good usability which is key.

Note – I don’t see any lead generation work in their portfolio – probably best for large content sites.

Indianapolis, IN

SmallBox – Winner – Best Web Design in Indinapolis

Smallbox has a diverse portfolio of local businesses, associations, nonprofits, and more. I’m confident they consistently create usable, creative, somehow very grassroots-feeling designs. They don’t feel cold and corporate, I mean.

Overall a cool company.

Austin, TX

LucidCrew – Winner – Best Web Design in Austin

If you’re looking for a website that stands out while retaining usability and keeps your message clear to your audience, LucidCrew is a great choice in Austin, Texas.

LucidCrew also makes things easier for you by providing an easy-to-use content manager you can use to update your site. Of course, if you don’t have time for that, they’ll do it for you whenever you need it.

As a medium sized company, LucidCrew is fast moving and able to stay updated on the latest web design, marketing, development, and social media techniques to apply for your website’s success.

Columbus, OH

No winners found in Columbus… Contact me at support(at)webhostingbreak(dot)com if you have any suggestions.

I couldn’t find any firms that I’d recommend for your new website design/development.

Fort Worth, TX

Arcos IT – Winner – Best Web Design in Fort Worth

I like Arcos because they provide a full range of services to help you launch your business and grow your customer base using current marketing methods.

It’s rare to see a web design agency that can provide up-to-date, relevant solutions to drive traffic and generate customers. Arcos does that for you.

Charlotte, TX

AlterImaging – Winner – Best of Charlotte

I love Alter Imaging’s design and layouts. Their clients sites look much better than their own site, in my opinion. This agency keeps the message strong for their clients’ websites, using 1 main call to action and making benefits, sales/lead funnels clear for potential customers to follow through.

Higher conversion rate = more customers. I always advise split testing for best results, but your website with Alter Imaging in Charlotte, NC is a solid foundation to generate business.

Memphis, TN

DelugeStudios – Winner – Best Web Design in Memphis

Deluge has been in business over 21 years, but they don’t live in the past. Most of my landing page practices I follow personally can be seen on their clients’ websites.

I feel Deluge Studios must work hard to capture the story, vibe and message that clients dream of conveying on their website. The work is very well done and loads fast with clean code.

Boston, MA

Eric Benoit – Winner – Best Web Design in Boston

What a surprise – a freelance web designer in our Best of 2011 list!

Eric Benoit has a great eye for design and marketing good practices. Check out his client portfolio or you could be missing out. Plus, working with a freelancer means your project can move faster and cost less than you’d expect from a large agency. Cool.



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