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How A Bad Web Hosting Company Gave Me Abs (or IBS?)

bad web hosting companiesAm I the only one whose abs stay fully tensed up every second my website is down?

Hosting your website with an unreliable web hosting company is a gut-wrenching experience…

My Web Hosting Horror Story:

Once upon a time, VPS.net’s Salt Lake City cloud went down.

My site was offline for several days. They lost most of my data due to hardware failure. Rinse and repeat.

I began obsessing over finding the best hosting companies, and Web Hosting Review Boards was born.

I learned about SSH, sFTp, cloud hosting, and my favorite: Multiple failover servers with rsync running every hour to update the backups of my main site. Actually, daily website backup is one of the reasons I liked iPage and BlueHost, you can find more about such useful features by visiting various ipage reviews sites & blue host reviews sites, since they both have that built in, for example.

What Type Of Hosting Is Best? Let’s Review The Big 3

The main types of web hosting are Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Cloud. A good example of shared hosting would be Google Web Hosting. Let’s determine which hosting is right for you:

Shared Web Hosting – Best For New Bloggers And Businesses

Shared hosting is usually the cheapest type of web hosting. Unlike with VPS or Dedicated hosting, your website is on the same server as hundreds of other sites. In addition, you usually share the same IP address with them too, which is generally not advisable for SEO – not a quality indicator for Google’s quality algorithm.

Because you’re sharing one server with many other websites, shared hosting companies manage that risk by automatically throttling your site’s speed and resource usage. That means “unlimited hosting” is never truly unlimited. But, this isn’t a bad thing for newbie webmasters. Most websites never come close to the limits and therefore, for many people, shared hosting is an effective, affordable choice.

VPS Web Hosting – For More Experienced Webmasters With $$$ On The Line

WebHostingBreak is hosted on the VPS cloud at Steadfast.net. I also use Varnish Cache to speed up the site massively. Back in 2008, shared hosting was fine, but the site has grown so large that I wanted 100% control over everything, including the server.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is like having a dedicated server, but again you’re sharing resources with other people, across many servers.

Dedicated Server Hosting – Special Cases (I recommend cloud hosting instead)

Dedicated servers are the most expensive web hosting option. You would be buying an actual computer in their datacenter. This used to be the ultimate in performance and reliability, since you have total control and ownership of the server – it’s not shared with any other customers.

Dedicated servers are quickly being replaced by the cloud. Cloud hosting is a cost effective way to achieve high performance and reliability. The other advantage is scalability, since you can adjust your resources on the fly.

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